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Claire Edwards

Jon Glanville

Paddy Pallin


Sun 1 Mar

Fergus Macleod

Greg Hosking

ACT Champs

8 & 24 hr

Sat 21 Mar

Julie Quinn

Julie Quinn
David Baldwin
Jean Douglass
Ron Simpson
David Singleton
Andrew Rowe

Australasian Rogaining Champs 24 hr 9-10 May SA Rogaining  



Sun 12 Jul

Tom Banks

Tom Fitzgerald



Sun 16 Aug

Jiaying Goh




Sat 12 Sep
Sun 13 Sep

Stephen Goggs

Jonathan Fearn
Ciaran Lane


6 & 12hr

Sat 11 Oct

Jean Douglass

Jean Douglass
Ron Simpson

The spring rogaine has been sprung.

Some 225 people enjoyed the cool and slightly damp conditions at the ACT Spring rogaine in Bungonia National Park.  The memorable wins for the event were the family teams.  The Lamont family won the category in the 6 hour event with 1290 points. Sam and his mate Angus took Adrian Sheppard for a 12 hour adventure and won the family category with 1870 points.  Also well done to the young women's team of Zoe Terrill, Natalie Miller and Justine Hobson who won the women's category in the 6 hour event with 1100 points. Two teams cleared the course in the 12 hour event - Julie and David came in 30 minutes before Gill Fowler and Phil Whitten.  Mike Hotchkis and Joel Mackay came close, but they had the special treat of seeing a koala running along the ground near control 91.

Thanks to all the volunteers for this event and all the events during 2019.  Special thanks too for the volunteers from Hartley Life Care who feed us during and after events.

Lost property

If you are missing a house key or a small compass, get in contact with Jean on 6248 9874.  



19SpringBarkley sThe last event for 2019 is the Spring rogaine . It will be held on Saturday 12 October at the Bungonia plateau of Morton National Park and some adjoining private property. There will be 6 and 12 hour events starting from 11 am.


event info

The area is open and gently undulating native forest (my favourite). Also friendly local farmers have allowed access onto their very easy going paddocks and there are some firetrails. Check out the photos in the gallery. Barkley has been out there taking selfies at some of the control locations and has given his tick of approval - “Just like home” he said. It takes about 1.5 hours to drive from Canberra. There is free camping at the HH site on a flat grassy paddock and plenty of parking space.  The course is now set and vetted and Ron even saw a koala near 91. The HH is at 650m and the lowest point on the course is 550m.

Queries: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 0448 954 471  (At HH site from Friday morning, leave a message an I will get back to you)