kids in bushBarkley, the ACTRA koala mascot, ventured out with Jason and Alex Koerber (and dad Matt) at the recent Metrogaine. Here's how they spent their day.

kids with barkleyThe thing we love about rogaining the most is eating the race food. In fact, in the first 800 metres of the Metrogaine, we had consumed all of our race food. We blamed it on Barkley who had joined us for the day. Luckily for us, there were plenty of small shops scattered around the course, so we made a bee-line for the Swinger Hill shops and the ultimate in race food - Kinder surprises. After getting dad to construct our toys, we completed our loop of the Minigaine through Swinger Hill, and collected a few more checkpoints on the way home. We both loved collecting checkpoints, mainly to see the light flash when we used the navlight. We got carried away with this and held some teams up. Sorry about that. We both covered 7km on the day, not bad for a 5 and 3 year old. We can't wait for the next one. Jason and Alex Koerber

Mixed Veterans podiumMixed Open podiumMens Youth podiumACT had several teams at the recent World Rogaining Championships held in La Molina in the Spanish Pyrenees. The standout performances were from Julie Quinn and David Baldwin who won Mixed Veterans and were second in Mixed Open placing 17th overall, and a very impressive debut on the world stage from Ben Rada Martin and Isaac Bell placing third in Men's Youth. Dane Roberts, Clare Lonergan and Kieran Macdonell were 11th in Mixed Veterans, Coleen and Colin Mock 7th in Mixed Ultraveterans.


SnowmanEntries now open for Day/Night/Cycle rogaine on Sept 7-8 in Pierces Creek pine forest and the Lower Cotter Catchment area just to the southwest of the Cotter. The course includes some nice family friendly loops around the Hash House, with some big hills getting up to 1200m. Come along for the night event on the Saturday and get half price entry to the Day event. Late fees of $10 per person apply from midnight Monday 2 September.

Entries to the 2019 Metrogaine 6 hour can now be made with the help of our friends at QLD Rogaining.

With recent disruption to the ACTRA website we are unable to send updates out via the mailing list so please tell all your friends and help us get the word out. As always, it is sure to be a fantastic day out. Sunday 18th August, solo entries or teams 2-5. Thank you all for your patience and big thanks again to QLD Rogaining for getting us back up and running with event entries!