Results now available for the Lured by Lyrebirds Night/Day rogaine events on 10-11 September.

Congratulations to overall winners of both events, Gill Fowler and Phil Whitten, who also won the 2022 ACT Champs.

An excellent turnout across both events with over 350 people including many ANU students training and testing their navigation skills for Inward Bound in October.

The night teams had the occasional shower, but then a clear cold night- complete with full moon. Some cursed the thick scrub, and we had a few cuts and rolled ankles but mostly people feeling satisfied in successfully completing some hard nav!
The day teams just had a magnificent day - blue skies. While everyone got wet feet there were happy smiles at the end. Only one team came in a little late - but arrived back safe and sound.
Check out some of the photos taken at the event. 
Big thanks to all the volunteers and Hartley team for their delicious catering.