view from Tabletop to Lake EucumbeneFinal Instructions have been posted.
This year's Go for Gold ACT Championship 24hr event and associated 8 hr event will be held in northern Kosciuszko National Park with the Hash House at Three Mile Dam area and exploring around Kiandra and Mt Selwyn ski field and beyond to Tabletop Mountain.
The course has been set by Lee Rice and Craig Cowan. Much of the area was burnt in the 2019-20 fires so is quite open in many places, as well as naturally having grassy open areas, such as around Kiandra. There is also a lot of interesting remains from the gold mining era at Kiandra across the course. We will provide some suggestions for novice loops that use the well-defined features, and more challenging loops for those looking for a physical and navigational challenge.
ACTRA is trialling an Under 30 category to encourage teams that have graduated from the Youth under 23 category to compete with similar teams. There will be no trophy but there will be certificates and glasses/mugs and the category will be recognized at presentations and in the results.