6 hour
9:30AM-3:30PM Sunday 3 March 2013

 Course Description


This year's 6 hour Paddy event was on the western edge of the Tallaganda National Park - about an hours drive east of Canberra. The area was mostly National Park with some private land. There were also fire trails and small tracks to make travel easier. Wombats, lyre birds and wallabies abound. Relief ranged from 850m to 1,100m with some great views over the ranges.



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 The people who brought this event about

Coordinator Setters/Vetters Admin General Help Catering Control Collection
Claire Edwards Jean Douglass
Ron Simpson
Susie Sprague Ben Williamson
Cath Horan
Debbie Saunders
Philip Keaton
Ben Greenwood
Julie Quinn (First Aid)
Jerangle P&C; Andrew Rowe