ACT 8/24 hour champs - Black Ridge Rogaine

8 hour /
24 hour
starting 12 noon Saturday 14th April

 Course Description

"Wonderful rogaine country" - The area is mostly very open going with dry eucalypt forest cover. The elevation goes from 800m to 1,090m with gradual hills. The course area is almost scrub free except for some larger creeks and it is easily avoided.
Roos, wallabies, wombats abound and there are koalas that have been shown to eat bark - check out . This youtube gives you a look at the type of forest too.

The Hash House will be at one edge of the course due to very limited road access but there will also be an all-night-cafe.
Most of the area is privately owned yet not farmed. There are some old gold diggings and firetrails cross the course. The landowners have been very generous in allowing this event to go ahead - a rare opportunity to see some country not normally visited. Minibus seats available. Parking and camping is limited so please try and organise to car pool and share a tent (don't forget the earplugs if he snores).



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