3 hour 30 minute
5:00pm-8:30pm, 3.5 hr

Course Description

The course combines a bit of the urban areas of Macquarie, Aranda and Cook and the Nature Parks of Black Mountain, Aranda and Mt Painter. There are many tracks making for relatively easy travel but, of course, you may venture off the tracks as well. There are a few steep and rocky sections on Black Mountain rewarded with excellent views. The course is friendly for families but not for strollers. The map will be 1:25,000 A4.


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Dane Roberts Tom Banks
David Baldwin
Julie Quinn
Tom Brazier
Sarah Buckerfield
Julie Quinn (pre-event)
Dane Roberts
Tom Banks
Tom Brazier
Sarah Buckerfield
Clare Idriss (First Aid)
Kama Scouts Wayne Gregson
Dane Roberts
Kath Bell
David Clark