Course Description

March 2009 marks the twenty-fifth anniversary of rogaining in the ACT, so come and help us to celebrate at Kowen Forest. Often host to mountain bike and rally events, come and discover the hidden treasures of Kowen Forest on foot. Situated only a 20min drive to the east of central Canberra this event is suitable for all levels of participation from families to the most competitive. The course will include the native bush areas bordering the western and south-western edges, including Molonglo Gorge, and the best of the pine areas with a substantial track network.


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Susie Sprague Jonathan Miller
Adam Leane
Heather Logie
Luke Bulkeley
Susie Sprague
Philo Saunders
Kathie Dent
Salih Ozgul
Linda Magee
Phil Creaser
Adam Leane
Jonathan Miller
Glenn Bridgart
Danealle Lilley
Annette Zerial Daniel James & friends
David Clarke
Doug Collier & sons
Kathy Saw


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