7 hour Saturday 21 August 2010 4.00pm-11pm

Course Description

Cast your vote, then come to the Rob Roy nature reserve and see Canberra lit up on election night. The event is on the hills east of Lanyon and runs from 4pm till 11pm. You will have the bonus of a couple of hours of daylight before the moon shines brightly, and you'll be home before the PM gives the victory speech. For those scared of the dark, you are welcome to do just the daylight portion. You'll miss the stars, but the sunset will be good. Route planning assistance will be available for novices. The area is a mix of open grasslands, native forest and some grazing country. There are a few fire-trails and some hills to keep you toasty warm. Elevation ranges from 670m to 1094m. Vote 1 Hartley Life Care - they will be providing their famous soups at the finish.

The people who brought this event about
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Jean Douglass Mike Harrap
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Doug Collier
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