8/24 hour
18-19 May 2019


Course Description

The event centre is near Tura Beach 3.5 hours drive from Canberra. The course will encompass private property and Bournda National Park. The terrain varies from beaches and coastal scrub to open eucalypt forest with pockets of rainforest. Altitude varies from 0m to 400m. The specially prepared map is premarked 1:25,000 with 10m contour intervals.


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Coordinator Setters/Vetters Admin General Help Catering Control Collection
Stephen Goggs Mike Harrap
Marg Harrap
Stephen Goggs
Alex Tyson
Nick Lhuede
Stephen Goggs
Mike Harrap
Pat Miethke
Jonathan Miller
David and Sandra Hogg
Max Bedward (first aid)
Hartley Lifecare Colleen Mock
Colin Mock
Jean Douglass
Ron Simpson
Andrew Rowe