Paddy Pallin 6 hr

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6 hour
09:30 am start

Course Description

The Hash House is at the Yankee Hat Walking Track car park. The terrain varies from open grassland to wooded areas on the hills. The area is excellent for beginners and families, who can plan a route using the tracks and grassland, but there is also plenty for the more ambitious teams looking to take out their categories. Travel is generally easy, except for some of the wooded hills where the vegetation can get thicker. There are a lot of kangaroos on the course, as well as other wildlife. The map will be an A3 teslin (waterproof) pre marked map including magnetic north lines and 1:25000 scale with 10m contours.

All competitors please ensure your shoes are clean and free of grass seeds and soil.
No camping at the Hash House site is allowed. If you would like to camp in the area we'd suggest either the Orroral or Mount Clear campgrounds which are approximately 20km from the Hash House site.


The people who brought this event about

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