Vol admintentThere are lots of benefits gained from helping at a rogaine:

  • It is great way to meet new rogainers, who are overall lots of fun, as they have a common interest. People come from different walks of life and from a wide range of ages. At the Hash House people get up to all sorts of silliness and you will never know till you join in. You don't work the whole time. Usually you get some time off to go and explore the course for at least a few hours.
  • Course work setting / vetting / collecting is a great way to get out into the bush and visit new areas without the pressure of actually being in a competition. You do the event at your own pace (from the car in some instances, if you choose) and also it really improves your navigation skills.
  • With admin you can learn new skills, improve your computer literacy and organisational skills.
  • Being a manager gives you an opportunity to lead a team of willing helpers.
  • Bring the family! You can rotate the helping throughout the family.
  • Go out and collect some checkpoints after the event on event day or the next weekend.
  • Feel the joy of seeing the rogainers appreciate your efforts, whether it is a chat about that challenging checkpoint you set or just a smile when they finish the event.

Vol Alex bushCost of helping?

  • It will cost you nothing!!
  • You can claim travel and other related expenses (maps, etc). Travel is reimbursed at 30c per kilometre. 
  • You get all your meals while at the event and a free event map.