The Australian Rogaining Championship were held at the end of May in South Australia, the race was titled ‘Deceptive Lands’ and by all reports it was a navigationally challenging course. A small but strong contingent of competitors from the ACT found their way to South Australia despite the challenges posed by COVID-19. Unfortunately for the other competitors, the dynamic duo of Julie Quinn and David Baldwin found their way to the start line and promptly proceeded to run 115km over the next 24 hours and claim the title of Australian Rogaining Champions for 2021! Congratulations Julie and David for your great effort.

Congratulations for other champions Jean Douglass and Grant Battersby with Queenslander Richard Robinson (who lost his team mates due to COVID travel restrictions) and won the Mixed Ultraveterans and 3rd Supervets; Parissa Poulis and Pat Miethke who won Women’s Ultravets and 3rd Supervets; and Chris Guerin and Holly Ashburner 2nd Mixed Youth.

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