Many of the bush areas that we rogaine in have been burnt with the bushfires over this summer. This is particularly tragic for the animals and plants that are part of what makes these areas so special. But for you as a rogainer this means there are far fewer areas that we can rogaine in, at least in the short term.

ACTRA has reshuffled our rogaining calendar for 2020 to make use of areas we can access at, hopefully, a safer time of the year. The year will now kick of with the Paddy Pallin 6 hr event, which will be in a metrogaine style on 1 March 2020.

We hope to be able to bring you a 6 hour event "Back to the Bay" at the coast using the area north of Bateman's Bay including Murramurang National Park in mid-May. More details once we have been able to contact the rangers.

The Twilight event scheduled for February is now a twilight/night event in June - bring your beanie instead of a sweat band but you will still need your torch.

The ACT Champs had been set in a beautiful area of northern Kosciuzsko National Park and we may be able to visit that area in a couple of years as we suspect it has not been very badly impacted. Instead we will make our spring event an 8 and 24 hour event in Yanununbeyan National Park.