The spring rogaine has been sprung.

Some 225 people enjoyed the cool and slightly damp conditions at the ACT Spring rogaine in Bungonia National Park.  The memorable wins for the event were the family teams.  The Lamont family won the category in the 6 hour event with 1290 points. Sam and his mate Angus took Adrian Sheppard for a 12 hour adventure and won the family category with 1870 points.  Also well done to the young women's team of Zoe Terrill, Natalie Miller and Justine Hobson who won the women's category in the 6 hour event with 1100 points. Two teams cleared the course in the 12 hour event - Julie and David came in 30 minutes before Gill Fowler and Phil Whitten.  Mike Hotchkis and Joel Mackay came close, but they had the special treat of seeing a koala running along the ground near control 91.

Thanks to all the volunteers for this event and all the events during 2019.  Special thanks too for the volunteers from Hartley Life Care who feed us during and after events.

Lost property

If you are missing a house key or a small compass, get in contact with Jean on 6248 9874.