Hills 5A big thank you to Jon Glanville for another superb virtual rogaine, this time around the lake and hills of Tuggeranong and Kambah. Jon found lots of hidden gems with sculptures, artwork, interesting rocks, great views and a course that went close to a few cafes. All of these temptations did not slow down our fastest rogainers with six people getting around the whole course in less than four hours.

Our overall winner was TIM COCHRANE. Tim had three runs around the course.

Notible category winners were second placed Mens Youth Oscar Brown, Craig Wisdom winning the Mens Vets, Supervets and Ultravets, Alex Thorman, Charles Bootes and Cecilia Pascoe as the first mixed team, Eloise Wilson and Amber Thomas first womens team, Elizabeth Dunbar and Valerie Barker winning the Womens Vets, Supervets and Ultravets and Craig, Archie, Kerrie and Zahlia Cowan the first family team.

There were 81 finishers of the virtual rogaine and a few other people who did not officially enter. There were a few people like TIm and Liz Widdicombe who came back for two or three times.

See the web page for all results.

It's not too late to enjoy this course or any of the other virtual rogaines that have been held ovee the last few years. All the maps, notes and other instructions are on the Virtual Rogaines web page.