23Virtual BMbushThe results have been compiled for the solos and teams who "entered" the Four Reserves Virtual Rogaine and could be identified in the MapRun results. There was hot competition at the pointy end with 11 people clearing the course. Ryan Stocks won with a blistering time of 2:42 narrowly beating Tom Driscoll on 2:48.

The Four Reserves Virtualgaine is local with a mix of bush and street, free and you can still do the event as many times as you want. Optimise your route to see if you can clear the course in the 4 hour time limit or explore in different directions.

The course is still available on MapRun.

Check out the event page for details, and tell your friends about it. Teslin copies of the map may be available in Paddy Pallin's (Lonsdale St, Civic) until they run out. Pass your map onto someone else when you've had a go.

Thanks to Jon Glanville for this event.