Barkley's Tri Lo-gaine Adventure!

2014 Night/Day/Cycle 6 hour Rogaine, 17th May 2014
Geoff Dibley, posted on 20th May 2014

Thank you to the lovely ladies who allowed us at late notice to take Barkley around the course.

We started off quickly reaching 35, and then got a little side-tracked on our way to 64. We then took a short trip to 47, and then the long 50 minute walk uphill to 71 !

We then hugged the ACT/NSW border, enjoying the great views (and sheep and kangaroos) and picking up 49, 83, 72. We saw many bikes on this section, admiring the extra speed they could reach on the downhill sections compared to us on foot. However, the numerous gate and fence climbs were so much easier on foot.

There was another steep climb up to 70, but some amazing red and yellow mushrooms on the ground to keep us amused. We made a rather large blunder going from 70 to 80, deciding to abandon the track and follow the gully into the control. Unfortunately, we should have looked at the contours more closely - it was extremely steep and very slow going. We did surprise a lone fox on the prowl.

Finally, after much pain, we made it to 80 and breathed a sigh of relief. Barkley enjoyed some chocolate with us as a reward.

After 80 we went to 40, then 38, and with time running out, we decided to abandon our quest for 66, and head straight to 39 and 68.

A quick dash with the crowd heading in got us 30, and then it was back to Hash House with 5 minutes to spare.

We surprised ourselves with a score of 730 (our best to date), even though we did have lofty ambitions of getting to 1000 at the start !

It was an awesome day, and we hope Barkley enjoyed his journey – even if there weren’t as many gum trees as usual.

Ryan Dibley (10) and Geoff Dibley