lost oroperty   This is lost property from the Champs.  Yours??


The Champs rogaine 20-21st April. 

Nearly 300 people came and enjoyed the course, the moon, the open terrain and some great company for Barkley's birthday.  The mixed teams and overall winners of the 24 hour event were Elise Palethorpe and Ryan Stocks closely followed by Julie Quinn and David Baldwin.  Andrew Slattery and Monika Lee were very clear winners of the 8 hour event.  There were also some impressive family teams in the 24 hour dominated by the Mottershead/Elson family and there were 5 family teams in the 8 hour event.  Check out the photos in the gallery HERE.

Results here 

A huge thank you to the 10 landowners that gave us permission to use their properties, especially Lyn and Lucky for looking after us with the HH area.  Also many thanks to all those that volunteered for setting, vetting, admin, first aid AND the catering.  If you would like to explore the area further, there are some controls out there waiting for you to collect. Contact Jean on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.     

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