2015 Night/Day Foot and Cycle Autumn Events

Night Foot 5 hour /
Day Foot 6 hour /
Day Bike 6 hour
Night foot event: 5pm-10pm Saturday
Day Foot or Cycle events: 9:30am-3:30pm Sunday

Course Description

Made up of mostly pine forest, the course for the 2015 Night/Day Foot/Cycle Gaine saddles the Lower Cotter Catchment and the beautiful Brindabellas, making for very quick access from Canberra. Teams will be challenged by the undulating terrain but rewarded for their effort with amazing views over Canberra and the Cotter Dam from many vantage points on the course.
The course is primarily based on the large fire trail network in the area, with most fire trails providing close access to controls. Course setters have found that sticking to the fire trails in more densely populated pine forest areas a must but as the course moves into more native vegetation the course opens up for more cross-country exploration.
The course will provide different challenges for both the day and night events, with some control placements requiring teams to pinpoint a network of supplementary single trails which bring their own rewards.

Entering Two Events
For those who wish to enjoy a full weekend of rogaining, free entry to either the day foot or cycle event on Sunday will be offered to teams who also participate in the night event on Saturday. To enter two events, please enter the night event and add a note to the organiser indicating that you also with to enter one of the day events.


Photos, Stories Etc.

The people who brought this event about

Coordinator Setters/Vetters Admin General Help Catering Control Collection
Aaron Coles Aaron Coles
Dane Roberts
Lee Rice
Colin Mock
Coleen Mock
Peter Flynn
Graham Atkins
Susie Sprague (pre-event)
Dane Roberts
Kathy Saw (First aid - night)
Lee Rice
Pat Miethke
Galen Corry (First Aid day)
Hartley Lifecare Michael Reed
Sean King
Danielle Winslow