ACT 6 hour Paddy Pallin

6 hour
Sunday 6th April 2008 9:30am-3:30pm

Course Description

The 2008 ACT Paddy Pallin rogaine will be held near Oallen Ford.

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Oallen Ford is on the beautiful Shoalhaven river just before it enters a major gorge. The course will be mostly open forest country with some open pasture. Much of the area should be fairly fast, with the occasional area of slower going. The terrain is generally undulating hills without significant areas of relief, but with some erosion gully detail. Map scale will be 1:25000.

The area is about 100 minutes east of central Canberra and within easy reach of Sydney, Southern Highlands and Wollongong, lying around 45 minutes drive south of Bungonia.

Unfortunately, no camping is available at the event site. For people coming from Sydney the best option is probably the Bungonia campground, about 40 minutes north of Tarago on the back road which leaves the Hume Highway about 4km on the Goulburn side of Marulan.

Paddy Pallin events are ideal for those wanting to try rogaining for the first time, as well as providing competitive challenges for the more experienced.


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