ACT Nightgaine 2007

5 hour
Saturday 22nd September 2007 6.00pm-11.00pm

Course Description

The 2007 "night-againe" will be held in one of the Canberra Nature Parks (north side). It maybe familiar to you during the day, but the course setters promise it will be a challenge at night. The area is open bush with tracks here and there, and a few climbs to keep you on your toes. The map will be a pre-marked 1:15,000 (without the termite mounds!).


Photos, Stories Etc.

The people who brought this event about

Coordinator Setters/Vetters Admin General Help Catering Control Collection
Benita Sommerville Jean Douglass, Ron Simpson, Mel Simpson and Keith Conley Benita Sommerville Keith Conley, Ian Booth, Jean Douglass, Ron Simpson DEWR Hartley Team Margaret & Michael Harrap, Doug Collier, Keith Conley