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Virtual Rogaine 2021
Friday 21 May 2021

Ainslie Majura Virtualgaine – 4 Hour Rogaine - Course Notes

It’s May again and time for more MapRun Mayhem

After the success of the Mount Rogers and Queanbeyan/Jerrabombera virtual rogaines, it’s time for the Ainslie Majura 4 hour virtual rogaine.

This rogaine uses MapRun software to record your visits to the controls. Here’s what you need to know:

  • This virtual event uses electronic punching with the MapRun6 or MapRunF app on your phone. MapRun6 is the latest version, but if you have MapRunF from previous events, you can use that. If you have a compatible GPS watch, you can also use MapRunG on that.
  • You’ll need to download the app and the course. Instructions are available from
  • The course will be open from 21 May to 14 June 2021. You can run at any time during that period. You can run the event after this, but you will not feature in the results.
  • There is no set map preparation time. You can prepare your route at home, then go to the start and set off when you’re ready.
  • After the official event, you can print your own map. Thanks to Paddy Pallin in Lonsdale Street for holding maps during the event.
  • There are no control flags on the course, no hash house, no food, no first aid, and no entry fee.
  • There are no toilets at the start. The nearest public toilets are at Dickson. There are also toilets at Ainslie shops (west of control 55) and at the War Memorial (control 82).

Electronic Punching with MapRun

This event uses electronic punching with the MapRun6 or MapRunF app on your phone, or the MapRunG app on your GPS watch. There are no flags at control sites. Instead, you just need to get within about 10 metres of the control site, at which point the app will beep to register the control.

The start point is the gate at the south end of Phillip Avenue, Hackett, near the junction with Kellaway Street (triangle on the map). Approach the start point with the MapRun app to get a beep that indicates you've started. When you return, you need to visit the start point to complete your course with a final beep.

Because there are no control flags, you'll need to navigate carefully and pay attention to the control descriptions, which give precise locations. When reading the control descriptions, remember that rogaine descriptions use the word 'the' to refer to something that is shown on the map, and 'a' or 'an' to refer to something that isn't. So "The path at intersection with a wooden fence" means the control is on the path shown on the map, but that the fence isn't shown on the map.


The map scale is 1:25,000 (4 cm = 1 km), with a 10 m contour interval. The grid lines are aligned to magnetic north.

The map size is A4, which makes it easier for you to print at home if you wish. We suggest you put your map in a poly bag so it won’t get wet or torn.

Apart from your phone or watch running the MapRun App, GPS instruments, altimeters and pedometers are not allowed. You may only use the map provided and your compass.

The map includes major vehicle and foot tracks, but there are many smaller tracks that are not shown. Only the main powerlines are included.


The course area takes in Mount Majura and Mount Ainslie, and there are also a number of controls in adjoining suburbs. Most controls are easily accessible, but there are a few that are harder to reach or harder to find. In particular:

  • The direct route between controls 80 and 90 is very steep. Take care, or consider an alternative route.
  • A direct route between controls 72 and 100 is possible, but heavy going in quite thick bush.

Out of bounds areas

  • For your safety, please do not use the part of Mount Ainslie Drive that is marked out of bounds (purple area). On other parts, keep off the road if possible and watch for traffic.
  • The purple area to the east of the map is out of bounds.
  • Obviously residential land is also out of bounds – please do not run across people’s gardens.

Other hazards

  • The area to the east of Mount Ainslie was once used for military training, and there is a small chance that there is still unexploded ordnance in this area. You will see warning signs on the paths. In the unlikely event that you do see something that looks like a bomb or shell, keep well away and take note of its position so that you can inform authorities.
  • The quarry at control 100 has a cliff to the north. Do not approach it from this direction.

Scoring and Duration

You score points for each control site you visit. The number of points is the control number rounded down to the nearest multiple of ten – for example, you score 50 points for control 57, 60 points for control 61, and 100 points for control 100.

This is a 4 hour event. This means that you have up to 4 hours to visit control sites to maximize your score, and to return to the start point. If you return late, 30 points are subtracted from your score for each minute you are late.

MapRun records your control visits and calculates your final score.

Distances and Course Suggestions

To clear the course and claim the maximum 1750 points, you will need to travel at least 30 km. The 4 hour duration should allow some faster competitors to clear the course, while slower competitors should have time to complete a circuit of Mount Ainslie.

Some suggestions for easier options are:

  • Round the houses: 21-33-52-51-50-40-32-23-20 – about 8 km
  • Round the mountain: 22-55-62-60-82-57-73-30-43-81-56-54-61-42 – about 13 km


There are no water drops on the course, so carry what you need. There are some public drinking fountains, including at Mount Ainslie Lookout and in Remembrance Park, on the north side of Treloar Crescent, near control 82.


You’re responsible for your own safety. There is no ACTRA first aid available. If you have a serious accident, call for an ambulance as you would if you were out for a walk.



Jiaying Goh
 Coordinator  Jiaying Goh
 Setters and Vetters  Jon Glanville
 First Aid  NA
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