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Paddy Pallin 6hr
Sunday 03 March 2024, 10:00am - 04:00pm


We are planning a slightly different Paddy Pallin 6 hr rogaine for 2024.

The event will be at the Googong Foreshores area near Queanbeyan. One of Canberra's water supply dams where people are allowed to explore the catchment areas. It is open and grassy with patchy trees on the western side though to dry open eucalypt forest on the eastern shores. Very nice rogaining country, although you will be challenged with some steeper hills if you head to some parts of the course. If you want some hints, check out the photo gallery from our last multi-sport rogaine there in 2011 and the photo gallery for this event.


There will be the usual 6 hr foot event and we will also have controls for people to visit on mountain bikes or kayaks. If you wish to use either a mountain bike or a kayak or both we will have a combined multi-sport categoy.

Entries have closed.

There is NO camping at Googong Reservoir.

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Final Instructions

Thank you for entering the Paddy Pallin Googong Multisport 6hr rogaine. Team leaders, make sure that everyone on your team reads this web page carefully.


Annual General Meeting

The ACT Rogaining Association Annual General Meeting will be held approximately 4:15 pm at the Hash House site at Googong Foreshores. Agenda, past minutes, President’s report and Statement of Accounts are available on the ACTRA website documents page. Please bring your own copies or download these to your phone.

COVID, flu or other illness

  • If you are not feeling well, please stay home. It’s better for you and all of us. Come and collect controls instead when you feel better.

Indemnity Form

Please bring to the event a printed and completed indemnity form located here. Check the team list for your relevant event on the home page to ensure that all details for your team including category are correct. If incorrect, please contact the Event Contact prior to the event.

  • Ensure that all team members sign a separate indemnity form. Parents or guardians must sign for people under 18. Also provide registration number(s) of your car(s) at the Hash House. Be sure to put your team number on the form.
  • Present your completed indemnity form at the registration desk.
  • Medical advice: All competitors should consider advising their partner of any pre-existing medical conditions (such as diabetes, asthma, epilepsy, susceptibility to anaphylaxis) that may require first-aid action on course. This should include a description of the symptoms, the required first-aid action, and the location in their bag of any medication (such as sugar, ventolin, epi-pen, anti-histamines).

How to Get There

The Hash House is located at Googong Foreshores (northern end).

From Queanbeyan, take the Old Cooma Road south. From the major traffic lights at Edwin Land Parkway and Ellerton Drive (start of Old Cooma Road) travel south for 11 km. Turn left into Googong Road. Follow Googong Road past Googong township on your right and through white gates into the Googong Foreshores Reserve. Continue straight on this road ignoring the left turn after the bottom of the hill. Travel up the hill with the dam spillway on your left and take the first turn right up a steep narrow road. Follow this to the carparks at the end. We will be parking in the upper car park and an adjacent grassy area. A volunteer will help direct you. If you have a kayak to drop off, drive down to near the furthermost boat ramp where there will be a grassy area you can leave the kayak before parking in the carpark.

Carpark space is limited so please be considerate. Consider carpooling with your team mates.

A google map is Note that google maps shows additional roads that are not on the ground.

The Googong Foreshores gates open at 8 am so we recommend arriving about 8 am but not before.

Direction signs will be put out within Googong Foreshores.

Registration, Map Availability, Start Times

The Paddy Pallin Googong Multisport 6hr rogaine event will commence by way of a mass start at 10 am sharp on Sunday 3 March 2024, with a final briefing at 9:45 am.

Registration will open at 8:30 am.

To register, one person only per team to register and collect maps. That person will need to:

  • Bring first aid kit, so that it can be checked; see below for what it must contain
  • Bring one completed indemnity form per team member.

Electronic scoring: As this event is using the Navlight system of scoring, each team member will be issued with a wristband and tag upon registration.

You will also be given pre-marked maps, control descriptions, course setter's notes and a small copy of the map to be used as a flight plan. We recommend that you arrive at least an hour prior to the start of the event to allow enough time for final preparations and route planning. Each team must mark their intended route on the flight plan and hand it in before starting. 

Map and Course Details

There will be one A3 map, 1:25,000 with 10 m contour interval. Magnetic north lines are marked on the map. Out of bounds areas are marked in pink shading. The course setters notes and control descriptions have been printed on the back.

The area is open woodland and grassy areas on the western side of the reservoir and open bush on the eastern side. We recommend gaiters for lower leg protection from prickly bushes, grass seeds and snakes. The altitude ranges from approximately 660 to 900 m. There are hills on this course and can be steep in places, especially on the eastern side. The map is printed on Teslin paper which is very tough and generally does not need to be covered in contact.

If you are kayaking, you may want to bring a map case that you can put around your neck.  If you are mountain biking, you may want a map board or similar to have your map on your handlebars.


Please bring enough water for Hash House use and for at least 3 hours on course. While we are at one of Canberra’s water supplies there are no taps at the Hash House! There is one water drop on course. At the water drop there is a pump that screws into the top of the water container to use. There are two water tanks marked on the map at the southern end. We do not recommend drinking any natural water found on course.

Other Information

ACTRA will provide light catering at the finish and hot/cold drinks. Unfortunately, because of Hartley Lifecare no longer being able to cater we are currently short on caterers to help provide a meal. Please bring your own plate, bowl, cup and cutlery.

Kayak Information

There will be NO water safety. Googong reservoir does not allow power boats so it is not possible to provide a safety boat. You will need to be conscious of this and stay within your abilities. You are expected to bring a stable kayak that you are capable of paddling in windy and choppy conditions.

Paddleboards are prohibited on the reservoir and you are not allowed any body contact with the water (e.g. wading or swimming).

You must wear a life jacket.

We recommend paddle leashes and a drybag to keep your valuables and sandwiches dry.

Mountain Bike Information

We know lots of people now own ebikes and that these are lots of fun. However, they do give you a big advantage cycling up hills. For this event you will be welcome to bring your ebike and participate in the event as normal but this will be on a non-ranked basis. You will not be eligible for a winners mug and will be listed separately in the results.

Please Bring to the Event

  • Completed indemnity form
  • Map will be printed on Teslin waterproof paper with control descriptions. Contact or map case optional.
  • Coloured pens, pencils, scissors, highlighter pen, table and chairs or board for map preparation. The marquee will not be available for planning.
  • Some food for before and/or during the event.
  • Your own plate, bowl, cup and cutlery for catering.
  • Water for your use at the Hash House and to start the event with (there is no running water on site).
  • Portaloos will be at the Hash House and there are a couple of public toilets. You may like to bring your own hand sanitiser.

Carry on Course

Mandatory Equipment

  • Whistle (per person)
  • Basic first aid kit (that includes 2 compression bandages and 1 wound dressing) (per team)
  • Space blanket (per person)
  • Kayaks: life jacket (per person)
  • Mountain bikes: helmet (per person)

Other items we recommend that you carry/wear

  • food for the event
  • water for 3hours
  • compass
  • gaiters – recommended for scrub/snake-bite protection
  • watch – we can sell you one if you need a basic watch without a GPS. Bring $10 cash.
  • Mobile phone for emergencies
  • Sunscreen, sun-hat, sunglasses
  • Adequate warm clothes for the conditions (noting conditions can change quickly):
    • raincoat, warm jacket
    • thermals + a spare if it is wet
    • gloves
    • beanie

Mobile Phone Coverage

Mobile phone coverage is good across most of the course, with the exception of down in some of the water courses and patches in the south of the map. The Hash House number will be 0457 364 319 and is printed on the map.

Summary of Event Rules and Scoring

  • The only navigational aids permitted are the maps we provide together with your compasses.
  • Teams consist of 2 to 5 competitors and must remain within earshot of each other at all times. All members must simultaneously get to within 5m of each control point.
  • All team members must punch their Navlight tags at each control to score points.
  • If a Navlight punch has failed, record the three letter code visible inside the end of the punch.
  • Competitors must not enter out-of-bounds areas; gates must be left as found; stock must not be disturbed.
  • The organisers may disqualify a team if it acts against these rules or against the spirit of the event.
  • A team can retire a member at the hash house. This will finish that team's event. A new team can form but it must start with zero score.
  • Late Penalty: 10 points per minute (or part) late. Disqualification if more than 30 minutes late.
  • If teams score equal points then the first team home will have a higher rank.

Full rules of rogaining are on the Australian Rogaining Website.

Presentation and Awards

Mugs will be awarded to the winners of each category and certificates to the place-getters of most categories. Presentations will take place around 30 minutes after the end of the event.

Paddy Pallin have generously sponsored this event and at the conclusion of the category winners there will be a random draw for a number of prizes.

Event volunteers

If you have queries contact Julie ph 0421 021 693 or by email via the website

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 Coordinator  Julie Quinn
 Setters and Vetters  Tim Cochrane, Michael Reed, Emily Stewart-Reed
 Map Maker  Michael Reed
 First Aid  David Baldwin
 Control Collection  Leanne Wilkinson, More Needed please.
 General Help  David Baldwin, Benita Sommerville, Tim Cochrane, Michael Reed, Emily Stewart-Reed, Troy Skaleskog
 Catering  ACTRA