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Sunday 14 August 2022, 09:30am - 03:30pm



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The 2022 metrogaine was a six hour event covering the Belconnen and Inner North areas of Canberra. The event ran from 9:30 am to 3:30 pm.

The Hash House was in Kaleen. This area featured Lake Ginninderra, several nature parks, lots of playgrounds, sports fields and open space, and all of those little paths to cut your way between streets. There were a number of creeks flowing through the area and many other wet spots underfoot.

Nick Lhuede set this course in 2021. Being a metro event, solo entrants were allowed along with the usual teams of 2-5 people.

Hartley Lifecare gave us a tasty feed at the end of the event.

You can check out the pre-event photos and photos from the day and also from John Harding.



oflagFinal Instructions

Welcome to the 2022 Metrogaine. After the last minute cancellation in 2022, ACTRA is pleased that we are able to come together to hold the event this year.



COVID measures

If you are awaiting the result of a COVID-19 test; or if you are feeling unwell, or have flu-like symptoms, please stay home.

Please maintain a safe 1.5m distance from other teams at all times - including while doing your route planning, at the briefings, at the start and finish, and when approaching controls


Indemnity Form

Please bring to the event a printed and completed indemnity form located here. Check the team list for your relevant event on the home page to ensure that all details for your team, including category are correct. If incorrect, please contact the Event Contact prior to the event.

  • Ensure that all team members sign a separate indemnity form. Parents or guardians must sign for people under 18. Also provide registration number(s) of your car(s) at the Hash House. Be sure to put your team number on the form.
  • Present your completed indemnity form at the registration desk.
  • Medical advice: All competitors should consider advising their partner of any pre-existing medical conditions (such as diabetes, asthma, epilepsy, susceptibility to anaphylaxis) that may require first-aid action on the course. This should include a description of the symptoms, the required first-aid action, and the location in their bag of any medication (such as sugar, ventolin, epi-pen, anti-histamines).



The Hash House is the Diamantina Scout Hall at 271 Maribyrnong Avenue, Kaleen.




The Hash House is next to the shops, and while there is parking, this will be restricted for use by the organisers, catering and the portaloos.

With a lot of competitors anticipated, parking is limited. There is a carpark on Maribyrnong Ave, just to the E of the Hash House, and another to the SE associated with Maribyrnong Primary School on Alberga Street. While there is parking associated with the shops next to the Hash House, we would ask these be left for the shoppers (not to mention they are time limited). Otherwise, please park on the urban streets.

Where possible, please carpool – we understand for many it isn’t too far to travel and it might be easier to take your own car but it would be preferrable to keep the numbers down…you could even ride your bike or grab a scooter!



Registration, Map Availability, Start Times

The event will commence by way of a mass start at 09:30 am sharp, with a final briefing at 09:20 am. The event is for six hours, finishing 3:30 pm sharp.

Registration will open at 7:30am. We recommend that you arrive at least an hour prior to the start of the event to allow enough time for final preparations and route planning. Time spent on planning is never wasted.

Registration and Admin will be in the Scout Hall. See above for COVID safety.  To register you will need to bring: 

  • the first aid kit for the team, so that it can be checked (see below for what it must contain); and
  • one completed indemnity form per team member.

On registration, each team will be provided with:

  • two wristbands and two electronic Navlight tags (one for solo competitors);
  • one map per team member; and
  • one small copy of the map to be used as a flight plan. Each team must mark their intended route on the flight plan and hand it in before starting. Please provide your direction of travel on the flight plan.


Map Details and Vegetation

There will be one A3 map, 1:25,000 with 10 m contour interval, printed on waterproof teslin paper. The area is mostly urban, utilising pathways, parks and reserves. Given the generally urban environment, there is limited need for gaiters. The map shows urban areas in yellow, roads in red, larger building in grey, vegetated land in green and clear land in white. Walking paths and tracks are mostly black dashed lines, with fire trails brown. It is aligned to magnetic north and the north lines are red. The out-of-bounds areas are brown, and include a number of high speed arterial roads. The course has 58 controls, and 3200 points total.  The checkpoint descriptions follow the rules:       

  • If the feature is shown on the map, then it is described as “The… (knoll, saddle ..)”;
  • If a feature is not shown on the map, but is obvious on the ground, then it is described as “A… (knoll, saddle etc.)”;
  • “The watercourse”will be marked with a blue line on the map;
  • “The gully”will be a similar feature, but will not have a blue line on the map (Note: gullies and watercourses may be the same size – despite the blue lines).




Given the urban environment there are no water drops on the map, however there are numerous local shopping centres in the event area.




Please Bring to the Event

      • completed indemnity form
      • map will be printed on Teslin waterproof paper with control descriptions on reverse side. Contact or map case optional.
      • Coloured pens, pencils, scissors, highlighter pen, table and chairs or board for map preparation. The marquee will not be available for planning.
      • Some food for before and/or during the event.
      • Your own plate, bowl, cup and cutlery for catering and a seat each to use at the Hash House
      • Water for your use at the Hash House and to start the event with
      • Portaloos will be at the Hash House. You may like to bring your own hand sanitiser.


Carry on Course

Mandatory Equipment

      • whistle (one per person);
      • thermal / space blanket (one per person); and
      • basic first aid kit (that includes 2 compression bandages and 1 wound dressing) (one per team)

Other items we recommended that you carry

  • water (depending on your course plan)
  • compass
  • watch
  • mobile phone for emergencies (see below for restrictions)
  • sunscreen and sun-hat
  • raincoat, warm jacket.  It may be cold or wet, and warm clothing and a raincoat is highly recommended.
  • thermals
  • gloves
  • beanie



      • No pets; no alcohol; no fires
      • No altimeters, pedometers or GPS-capable devices such as watches and smartphones for use at the event.
      • Smartphones may be carried for emergency use only in your bag - they cannot be used for time-keeping or photography.



Mobile Phone Coverage

      • Phone coverage is excellent across the course for all networks.
      • The Hash House number is 0455 372 262.


Summary of Event Rules and Scoring

      • The only navigational aids permitted are the maps we provide together with your compasses.
      • Given this is a metrogaine and close to support if required, solo competitors are permitted.
      • For Teams of 2 to 5 competitors, they must remain within earshot of each other at all times. All members must simultaneously get to within 5m of each control point.
      • All team members with a Navlight must punch it at each control to score points.
      • If a Navlight punch has failed, record the three letter code visible inside the end of the punch.
      • Competitors must not enter out-of-bounds areas; gates must be left as found; stock must not be disturbed.
      • The organisers may disqualify a team if it acts against these rules or against the spirit of the event.
      • A team can retire a member at the Hash House. This will finish that team's event. A new team can form but it must start with zero score.
      • Late Penalty: 10 points per minute (or part) late. Disqualification if more than 30 minutes late.
      • If teams score equal points then the first team home will have a higher rank.


 Presentation and Awards      

      • Food and drinks will be available from around 2:30pm. 
      • Certificates and highly sought after ACTRA mugs will be issued for winners of each category and certificates for the placegetters.
      • Presentations will take place around 45 minutes after the end of the event.



Location Kaleen
 Coordinator  Nick Lhuede
 Setters and Vetters  Nick Lhuede, Stephen Goggs, Glenn Bridgart, David Clarke
 Control Collection  Colleen Mock
 General Help  Carol Harding, Toni Brown, Benita Somerville, Grant Battersby, Pat Meithke, David Baldwin; Map: Ron Simpson, Brad Vallette
 Catering  Hartley Lifecare