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Where does ACTRA get its people to run events? Print E-mail
  • ACTRA is completely run by volunteers, members of the organisation and their family and friends. We have no paid people.
  • Each year it takes about 80 people to run the events and about another 10 people to do the committee and additional tasks like maintain the equipment, monitor the website and look after the membership.
  • If you enjoy rogaining we need you to put back in, to keep the events happening.
What is involved in running an event? Print E-mail

Each event has an:

  • Event Coordinator
    Leads the organisation of that event (usually a committee member or someone experienced). Hire's equipment as required (toilets, buses), liaise with caterers, admin manager, on-the-day volunteers and control collectors.
  • Course-Setter
    Sets the likely location of checkpoints, hash house and water drops. Compiles the course map and oversees the setters and vetters.
  • Setters
    Visit the course several weeks or months pre-event to hang tape at the site of the checkpoints indicated by the head course-setter. They may also adjust the location of checkpoints on the ground if the area is unsuitable (e.g. dense scrub or terrain is unclear) or the area is unsafe. The setters also provide feedback on the overall layout of the course.
  • Vetters
    Visit all of the taped checkpoint sites closer to the event to verify correct positioning and hang out the checkpoints.
  • Admin Manager
    Monitors the online entries and updates any postal entries into the ACTRA system, supervises admin helpers on the event day, provides entry monies to treasurer for banking and sends results and reports to various people (receives ACTRA computer and instruction in its use before event).
  • Admin Helpers
    Turn up on event day and are instructed by the Admin Manager in the process of registration of competitors before the event and result production after the event.
  • General Helpers
    Turn up on the day and assist with erecting tents, assisting participants to fit navlight bands, etc. Travel by car on the safety route marked on the map to refill water drops and collect any competitors in trouble.
  • First Aid Officer
    Takes charge of first aid at the event and also usually helps with admin. (Person needs a current first aid, nursing or medical qualification). Periodically, ACTRA organizes a first aid course for members. The course is fully subsidized by ACTRA and in return ACTRA expects the new first aider to volunteer in the capacity of first aid within a year.
  • Control Collectors
    Collect checkpoints after the event. A great way to improve your navigation skills.


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Should I do it? - Is it a fun / rewarding or a hard work experience? Print E-mail

There are lots of benefits gained from helping at a rogaine

  • It is great way to meet new rogainers, who are overall lots of fun, as they have a common interest. People come from different walks of life and from a wide range of ages. At the Hash House people get up to all sorts of silliness and you will never know till you join in. You don't work the whole time. Usually you get some time off to go and explore the course for at least a few hours.
  • Course work setting / vetting / collecting is a great way to get out into the bush and visit new areas without the pressure of actually being in a competition. You do the event at your own pace (from the car if you choose) and also it really improves your navigation skills.
  • With admin you can learn new skills, improve your computer literacy and organisational skills.
  • Being a manager gives you an opportunity to lead a team of willing helpers.
  • Bring the family!! You can rotate the helping throughout the family.
  • Go out and collect some checkpoints after the event on event day or the next weekend.
  • Feel the joy of seeing the rogainers appreciate your efforts, whether it is a chat about that challenging checkpoint you set or just a smile when they finish the event.
Volunteering Rewards Print E-mail

The ACT Rogaining Association (ACTRA) runs on a purely voluntary basis and volunteers who make a major contribution to an ACTRA event will receive a reward for their effort. 

For volunteers who have contributed at least a full day to the event and have given up their opportunity to compete will be offered a free entry to an ACTRA organised rogaine in the following 12 months.  Examples of these volunteers may include course setters, course vetters, event administrators, event assistants, first aid officers.

A free entry reward will be payed for by refund by a direct deposit or cheque after the entry has been made and the volunteer has contacted the event administrator to advise that they wish to use their free entry.

For volunteers who have contributed less than a full day to the event will be offered a $20 gift voucher.  Examples of these volunteers may include course vetters, event administrators, and event assistants.

Control collectors will not be eligible for a volunteer reward because these volunteers have not foregone their right to compete.

Volunteer rewards can be accumulated, but each one will expire after a 12-month period.  The free-entry reward may only be transferred to immediate family members. 

ACTRA Committee Members are eligible to receive rewards for volunteer contributions identified above where these are beyond their role as the event coordinator.



Last Updated on Saturday, 15 June 2013 19:52
Volunteers eligible for a reward Print E-mail




Free Entry




17 Twilight Brad Vallette Yes      
(cancelled) Tom Brazier yes   ARC17  
17 Feb 17 Owen Cameron yes      
  Glenn Bridgart yes      
17 Paddy Pallin Tom Banks yes   cycle 17  
5 March 17 Keira Doherty yes   cycle 17  
  Jean Douglass yes      
  Glenn Bridgart yes   PP vouchers  
  Owen Cameron yes      
  Claire Edwards yes   PP vouchers  
  Jonathan D'Arcy   yes    
  Ron Simpson   yes?    


David Longo   yes  


ARC 2017 Jean Douglass yes      
6-7 May Ron Simpson yes      
  David Singleton yes      
  Judy Jenkinson yes      
  Andrew Rowe        
  Ces Sutton        
  Dave Sutton        
  Glenn Bridgart        
  Doug Collier        
  Lorraine Tomlins        
  Kerira Doherty (First Aid)        
  Tom banks (First Aid)        
Navigation Workshop 24 June 2017 Julie Quinn Yes      
  David Baldwin Yes      
  Jean Douglass Yes      
  Glenn Bridgart   Yes   In lieu of free entry
  Andrew Rowe   Yes   In lieu of free entry
  Paul Cuthbert        
  Rob Walter        
  Janet Scott        
  Tom Brazier        
  Grant Battersby        
  Michael Reed        
  Jonathan Miller        
  Susie Sprague        
  Ron Simpson        
  Stephen Goggs        
  Jasmine Elson   Yes    
  Colin Mock   Yes    
  Colleen Mock   Yes    
  Lisa Cutfield   Yes    
  Kathy Saw   Yes    
  Keira Doherty   Yes    
Winter 4 hour 17, 2 July Jean Douglass        
  Ron Simpson        
  Kathy Saw        
  Emily Reed (First Aid)        
  Graham Atkins         
  Martin Dent        
  Pat Miethkie        
Winter night 17 Keira Doherty     FA  
29 & 30 July 17 Owen Cameron     FA  
  Steve Hanley   Yes    
  Tom Banks   Yes    
  Joe Andrews   Yes    
  Ron Simpson        
  Jean Douglass        
  Alex Thorn   Yes    
  Tony Leach   Yes    
  Wendy Emerton   Yes    
Day/night/cycle Steven Hanley yes      
2-3 Sept 17 Andrew Rowe yes   PP vouchers  
  Graeme Stewart yes   PP vouchers  
  Gail Sutton yes   PP vouchers  
  Claire Edwards yes      
  Pat Meithke   yes    
  Brad Vallette        
  Tom Banks        
  Keira Doherty        
ACT Champs 8/24 hr Dane Roberts yes      
4-5 Nov 17 Graham Atkins yes      
  Jonathan Miller yes      
  Keith Conley yes      
  Tom Brazier yes      
  Jean Douglass   yes    
  Glenn Bridgart yes      
  Mark Jenkins yes      
  Jiaying Goh yes      



Last Updated on Monday, 06 November 2017 14:51
How much will it cost (will I be subsidised etc)? Print E-mail
  • It will cost you nothing!!
  • You can claim travel and other related expenses (maps, etc). Travel is reimbursed at 30c per kilometer. 
  • You get all your meals while at the event and a free event map.


Last Updated on Friday, 18 June 2010 14:07
What is my time commitment? Print E-mail
  • Course-setting can be a large time commitment depending on the event duration (e.g. 6 or 24hr) and location but a very rewarding experience. A number of weekends may be required to locate a suitable area, set and vet the course. Forward planning is required so that permission for land use is gained in good time prior to the event. The longer you have to plan an event before it takes place, the easier the task.
  • Admin helpers, general helpers and first aid are on the day only jobs, which require very little forward planning.
  • Admin Manager requires an ongoing time commitment prior to the event to monitor entries as well on the day. ACTRA's online entry system is highly automated, so it's mainly team changes and chasing up payments that takes time.
  • Setting and vetting can take from a couple of days to several full days depending on the complexity of the course, your navigation ability and fitness levels and distance you need to travel to the course.
  • If you are interested in setting and coordinating an event this is a considerable time commitment.
What help is available? Print E-mail
  • ACTRA has comprehensive manuals and checklists available for co-ordinating, course-setting and admin. If you are a course-setter, there is information that you will be given with all the low down on setting.
  • The co-ordinator can answer most of your questions or put you in touch with people who can provide assistance where required.
  • The co-ordinator will assist you to find helpers.
  • There is a network of other people who have input into an event like the person who looks after Navlight, gear store coordinator, etc.
  • The committee is always ready to hear and support your ideas and there are lots of experienced rogainers who you can be put in contact for advice.
  • The committee can often suggest possible event locations.
  • You will be trained in admin skills as required.
Who do I contact to get involved? Print E-mail

Contact the Volunteer Recruitment Co-ordinator or President (see Contacts page), or the Event Coordinator if you want to help out with a specific event. 

How else could I support ACTRA? Print E-mail
  • Join the Committee: A bunch of people who meet to set the direction for rogaining and manage the overall operation of the organisation. New faces with new ideas are always welcome and needed to give ACTRA life!! You don't have to be a long time member to contribute to the committee.
  • Be an instructor at an ACTRA Navigation workshop or novice event: a reasonable level of navigation skills would be needed.
  • Perhaps you have skills in publicity, website design and editing, event management, first aid, electronic map preparation, equipment maintenance. All of these tasks assist the development of the sport and successful events.

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