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ACT Champs 8/24 hr Dane Roberts yes   Claimed 18 Winter  
4-5 Nov 17 Graham Atkins yes   Claimed 18 Champs  
  Jonathan Miller yes      
  Keith Conley yes      
  Tom Brazier yes   Claimed 18 Champs  
  Jean Douglass   yes    
  Glenn Bridgart yes      
  Mark Jenkins yes      
  Jiaying Goh yes      
Twilight 17 Feb 2018 Glenn Bridgart yes   PP vouchers  
  Jon Glanville yes   PP 18  
  Claire Edwards yes      
  Jenny Arnold   yes    
  Kathy Saw   yes    
  Jacqui Poldy   yes    
Paddy Pallin 4 March 2018 Brad Vallette Yes   Claimed 18 Champs  
  Anthony Newman Yes   Claimed 18 Champs  
  Emily Rowbotham Yes      
  Fergus McLeod Yes      
  Dane Roberts   Yes    
  Jean Douglass   Yes    
  Ron Simpson   Yes    
ACT Champs 28-29 April 18 Julie Quinn Yes      
  David Baldwin Yes      
  Jean Douglass Yes      
  Ron Simpson Yes      
  David Singleton Yes   PP Vouchers  
  Judy Jenkins Yes   PP Vouchers  
  Tom Banks Yes      
  Jiaying Goh Yes   Claimed 18 Winter  
  Liz Abbott Yes      
  Bruce Bowen Yes      
  Rowan McCowan Yes   Claimed 18 Winter  
  Simon McCowan Yes   Claimed 18 Winter  
Winter 4 hr 15 July 18 Matthew Hollingworth Yes   Claimed 18 Spring  
  Minh-Tam Nguyen Yes      
  Caroline Christenson Yes      
  Keria Doherty   Yes PP Vouchers given  
  Brad Vallette   Yes PP vouchers given  
  Tom Banks   Yes PP vouchers given  
  David Baldwin   Yes PP vouchers given  
  Julie Quinn   Yes PP vouchers given  
Metrogaine 12 Aug 18 Fergus McLeod Yes      
  Alice Patterson-Robert Yes      
  Mali Walker Yes   Claimed 18 Night  
  Brad Vallette Yes      
  Tony Leach   Yes    
Night/Day/Cycle 1-2 Sep18 Michael Reed Yes      
  Emily Stewart-Reed Yes      
  Seb Dunne Yes      
  Gail Sutton Yes      
  Graeme Stewart Yes      
  Nick Lhude Yes      
  Stephen Goggs   Yes    
  Colleen Mock   Yes    
  Jonathan Miller   Yes    
  Pat Meithke   Yes    
  Kathy Saw   Yes    
Spring 6/12 hr 27 Oct 18 Jean Douglass Yes      
  Ron Simpson Yes      
  Marg Harrap Yes      
  Mike Harrap Yes      
  Owen Cameron Yes      

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Monica Murfett






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