Volunteer rewards are valid for 12 months (approximately - basically to the same event the following year, if it is held at a similar time). Vouchers should be provided at or around the time of the event. Contact the event organiser if you have not received yours. Click on read more to see the table listing who has earned a reward.


Event Name Free entry Voucher Claimed Notes
2019 Twilight 3 hr  Craig Cowan  Yes      
  Paul Imhoff  Yes      
   Stephen Goggs  Yes      
   Grant Battersby   Yes     
  Steven Hanley    Yes    
  Jen Conlon   Yes     
  Will Conlon   Yes     
   Emily Stewart-Reid   Yes     
 2019 Paddy Pallin Jon Glanville Yes      
   Glenn Bridgart Yes       
   Jonathan Fearn Yes       
   Ciaran Lane Yes       
   Martin Etherington  Yes      
   Grant Battersby Yes       
  Jiaying Goh Yes      
   Julie Quinn  Yes      
   Heng Cai   Yes     
   Wendy Emerton   Yes     
 2019 ACT Champs/8 hr  Mike Harrap  Yes      
  Marg Harrap   Yes      
   Stephen Goggs   Yes      
   Alex Tyson   Yes      
   Nick Lhude  Yes       
   Pat Meithke  Yes       
   Jonathan Miller  Yes       
   Sandra Hogg  Yes       
   David Hogg  Yes       
2019 Navigation Workshop Julie Quinn Yes      
  All coaches Yes     Contact Julie if confirmation is needed.
  Graham Atkins   Yes GIven  
  Glenn Bridgart   Yes Given  
  Pat Miethke   Yes Given  
  Michael Reed   Yes Given  
 2019 Winter 4 hr Tom Banks  Yes      
   Keira Doherty   Yes      
  Wendy Emerton  Yes      
  Craig Cowan  Yes      
  Jean Douglass    Yes    
  Ron Simpson    Yes    
2019 Metrogaine Ciaran Lane Yes      
  Jonathan Fearn Yes      
  Alex Tyson Yes      
  Annie Gao   Yes    
  Carol Harding   Yes    
  Mali Walker   Yes    
  Zac Waine   Yes    
  David Baldwin   Yes    
2019 Night/Day/Cycle Brad Vallette Yes      
  Fergus MacLeod Yes      
  Gail Sutton Yes      
  Dave Sutton Yes      
  Charlie Henshall Yes      
  Damien Mazur Yes      
  Stephen Goggs Yes      
2019 Spring Jean Douglass Yes      
  Ron Simpson Yes      
  Dave Sutton Yes      
  Ces Sutton Yes