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Renewing Members click here to retrieve your BPay Customer Reference Number for the purposes of membership renewal.

If joining as part of an event entry please use the "with event entry" membership form instead of using the form below.

Membership FORM for New Members

This form sends your membership details to the membership secretary of the ACTRA. Your membership will become official once you have paid the applicable membership fee.

Payment Methods

Membership Fees

Membership is by calendar year only; fees are $5.00 for an Adult and $1.00 for a Junior aged 17 years or younger at time of joining (without an event being entered) or on the day of an event which is being entered.

First Name(s)
Postal Address: Street or PO Box
Suburb, Town or Locality
State or Territory
Birth Date; DD-MM-YYYY
Email Address
Home Phone
Work Phone
Mobile Phone
Membership Fee
how paid
date paid (dd/mm/yyyy)

Please indicate how you would like to assist in either the organisation of events or by being on the committee:

If paying by BPAY, you MUST record the Biller Code and Customer Reference Number supplied on the RESPONSE you get when you submit this form. Note that if you are paying your membership with an event entry, you need to use your team's BPAY Customer Reference Number. That is, please do not use the BPAY CRN returned by this form to pay your event entry fees.

Any technical difficulties with the submission of this form, contact


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