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Barkley: A little Koala Searching for a Home
It was 11:00 am, the rogaine was due to start in only an hour, and still no one had volunteered to take me! What was wrong, was I not wanted….maybe it was time to look outside the rogaining community for a more permanent home rather than waiting for months at a time to be dusted off…
But wait, here was Natalie, maybe she could help. Yes, she would take me. I explained my dilemma, she seemed surprised, but agreed to help me search for a new home while she explored Ridgy Didge. But, wondered Natalie, was I over-reacting, perhaps all that was needed was a “new look” Barkley that would catch the eye of rogainers. So began my adventure in the 2017 Australian Rogaining championships, part house hunting, part fashion show, oh yes, and a bit of navigation and walking thrown in as well.


As you can see from my big smile at the finish, I had a great time. I checked out lots of possible homes from mushrooms to waterbeds, lots of tree hollows and bumps, I even tried some abseiling. And the ANC… I could have stayed there until the next rogaine except they told me they were going to pack up in less than 24 hours….
But, in the end, I decided that I’d be lonely in the bush. After all, I’m only a very little koala and while my cousins do live in the area, they didn’t seem very friendly-at least I didn’t see any.
Oh yes, and the rogaine: the weather was beautiful, the navigation quite tricky in parts, the scenery stunning, and the company good. All the rogainers I chatted to were friendly and helpful (we were only a little bit lost at 81 but the advice was spot on) so I’ve decided that I’ll go out again next time round.
And the "new look" Barkley? Well I enjoyed all the variations of my ribbon, but decided that I really like my bow and I hope that the next rogainer to take me will take me out based on my sterling personality rather than my superficial good looks.

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