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Home News Barkley (2)'s excellent Spring 2016 rogaine adventure
Barkley (2)'s excellent Spring 2016 rogaine adventure Print E-mail


I was really excited to be going out for 12 hours; I could hardly contain myself, well actually I couldn’t contain myself and I jumped out of Natalie’s pack after only 5 minutes on the trail. Fortunately a kind soul noticed and returned me to Natalie. After that, I took good care to hold on tight and only came out at controls, or to smell the flowers, or look for something to eat…


Here is me in my favourite pouch-almost as good as being with my real mum when I was just a joey.

It was beautiful day and we ticked off 33, 42, and 73 without too much difficulty. Here’s a photo of me at 73! I was very happy because the course setters had made a good choice of tree for the control.


We contoured round eventually dropping into the creek leading to 76 but somehow crossed into a creek to the north, I pointed out that the creek was running in a bit more of a northerly direction than the correct creek so we crossed over a broad spur and found 76. Natalie doesn’t like barbed wire so I helped her out.


Not so happy about this control site, I don’t like wattle!



Natalie and Peter still seemed to be struggling with the sort of food I should be eating, while they snacked on chocolate, dried fruit, and bagels, look what they fed me!









Still, I’m not really complaining, they did give me lots of chances to have my own adventures and to smell the beautiful flowers!



Amongst all these fun activities, we were still trekking around the course. 30 and 45 were straightforward but we spent quite a while faffing around 91. I kept telling them they needed to go further down the spur, and eventually they listened, but it took a while…I had to hide from a prehistoric looking bird (editor’s note: Lyrebird) in a gully before 53. On to 71, a nice easy control, but we’d been going for quite a while and I needed a break.


I also took the opportunity to do some prospecting, as my daddy koala always told me that quartz and gold go together, but no luck.


The knoll at the end of the ridge just south of 80 made a great attack point so we ticked it off and then headed NE for 66 and 59. 61 was also straightforward but then they wouldn’t listen to me on 44-I think maybe their legs were tired and they didn’t want to be told that they were at least 30 m too high in the gully….oh well, it was only 40 points and they did get back on track with 56.

The day was getting on now and we sat down to contemplate life a little. We dropped SW from 56 and then Natalie had to “wombat” up the other side-it was pretty steep. No rest for the wicked as they say, and we continued on to 70 and 83, getting there just on dark.



We opted for a ‘safe’ route to 90, but were still very happy when Tristan’s (Natalie’s brother) team overtook us and led us down the spur to the control.







After that, it was getting past everybody’s bedtimes and things went a bit downhill. We managed 60, but 81 slipped past-somewhere in the dark, and we all decided it was time to head back to the hash house. It had been a long but awesome adventure.

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