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The All Clear-againe 6/12hr

6 hour /
12 hour
Saturday 8th November 11am - 5pm / 11pm

Course Description

The course is in the extreme southern corner of the ACT in the Mt Clear/Brayshaw's hut area, at an altitude of 1100-1400m. The course is a beautiful mixture of grassy valleys, open eucalypt forest with some steeper rocky terrain. Very little of the course is runnable, although there is a reasonable track network in the valleys.

The course is suitable for rogainers of all abilities and also provides challenging navigation and a true wilderness experience.

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The people who brought this event about

Coordinator Setters/Vetters Admin General Help Catering Control Collection
Glenn Bridgart Jean Douglass
Ron Simpson
Adrian Sheppard
Julie Quinn
Lyndall Adam
Julie Quinn
Glenn Bridgart
Ron Simpson
Claire Edwards
Jean Douglass
Matthew Hollingsworth
Hartley Lifecare Marg and Mike Harrap
Lorraine Tomlins
David Clark
Matthew Hollingsworth
Felix Schill
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