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Trailbikes at the Spring 12hr

"Snowball in Spring" 6/12hr Rogaine, 4th Nov 2006
David Singleton, posted on 6th Nov 2006

Accessing most of the 12hr course required crossing a reasonably deep ford and travelling a 4WD track that was rutted and rocky in places and had numerous large erosion bumps. Although the Outback got around it OK, it would have been a slow and tedious 1.5hr trip to get around the three waterdrops. As an alternative, I enlisted brother Jason and his mate Ash Rutledge to do the Safety Patrols and waterdrop checks on their trailbikes during the event.

From my point-of-view, this worked very well. They easily checked all waterdrops 3 times during the event and were able to get out onto the safety routes very efficiently when there were teams late at the end of both events. They would have identified the late 6hr team if they had filled in the intention board at W2 and quickly came across the late 12hr team (over an hour before they got back to the HH).

I'm wondering how competitors felt about the use of trailbikes. Were they offended or distracted by these vehicles?


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