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Night/Day/Cycle rogaines

Night Foot 5 hour /
Day Foot 6 hour /
Day Bike 6 hour
6 pm start for night; 9:30 am start for day and cycle
1-2 September

Course Description

The annual night/day/cycle rogaine is back in Wingello this year. The course is characterised by plantation pine in the center of the map surrounded by native forest extending into Morton National Park where rocky cliffs and spectacular views abound. There is a large network of good quality mountain-biking trails across parts of the course. Terrain varies from moderately undulating (but mostly easy travel) in pine areas to increasingly steep in the areas of native vegetation. The MTB singletrack is similarly variable, consisting of many flowing loops interspersed with technical rocky sections - this can be just as enjoyable on foot as on two wheels!

There is ample parking and camping space at the HH, but no facilities, so please BYO camping gear etc. Meals will be available at the end of each of the events, and we are offering breakfast on Sunday morning by pre-order with your entry.

Entering Two Events
Teams are welcome to enter for either night (foot) and/or day (foot or bike) events, but these will be treated as separate events. If entering both events, you will need to submit two entries, one for each event. We are offering 50% discount on the second event, however our event system can't automatically apply that, so please pay the total owing against your first entry and make a note on the second indicating that.

Partner Finding Service

If you'd like to do this event, but can't convince anyone to go with you, then click here to register your details below. Once you have found a partner, please click here to remove your name from the list.

Nobody has registered yet.

Carpool Finding Service

Do you need a lift to the event? Have you got spare seats and would like to reduce your environmental impact, or just offer someone a lift? Then please make use of our carpool finder service for this event.To use this service, click here to register your details. Once you have organised your transport, please click here to remove your name from the list.

Nobody has registered yet.

Entry Info

The people who are bringing this event to you

If there are any 'needed' spots in this table, please consider contacting the coordinator to offer your help

Coordinator Setters/Vetters Admin General Help Catering Control Collection
Stephen Goggs Michael Reed
Emily Stewart-Reed
Seb Dunne
Gail Sutton
Graeme Stewart
Nick Lhuede
Stephen Goggs
Michael Reed
Colleen Mock
Jonathan Miller (Sun)
Luke Gregory (FA)
Emily Stewart-Reed (FA)
Pat Miethke
Kathy Saw
Hartley Lifecare Michael Reed
Stephen Goggs
Colleen Mock
Nick Lhuede (Sun)
Jonathan Miller (Sun)
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