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Summer Twilight

    6PM - 9PM Saturday 17th February    

Anyone adventuring around Mt Ainslie has the small risk of finding some unexploded ordinances. Please read the information on UXO found at the link below.
UXO info.

Thank you for entering the Summer Twilight. Team leaders, make sure that everyone on your team reads this whole document carefully.

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Download and print an indemnity form for each team member.
Check on team list that all details for your team including category are correct - if not please contact us ASAP!


  • Ensure that all team members sign a separate indemnity form. Parents or guardians must sign for people under 18. Also provide registration number(s) of your car(s) at the Hash House.
  • Medical advice: All competitors should consider advising their partner of any pre-existing medical conditions (such as diabetes, asthma, epilepsy, susceptibility to anaphylaxis) that may require first-aid action on course. This should include a description of the symptoms, the required first-aid action, and the location in their bag of any medication (such as sugar, ventolin, epi-pen, anti-histamines).
  • Present your completed indemnity form at the registration desk.

How to get there

From Canberra city centre, follow Parkes Way and onto Anzac Parade. Turn right at the War Memorial onto Fairbairn Ave. Turn L at the second round about onto Northcote Drive. Follow the ACTRA signs and the road around to the right to the hash house.

Registration, Map Availability and Start Times

The event will commence by way of a mass start at 6PM sharp, with a final briefing at 5:50PM. Registration will open at 4PM. To register, you will need to bring:
  • first aid kit, so that it can be checked; see below for what it must contain
  • one completed indemnity form per team member.
Electronic scoring: As this event is also using the Navlight system of scoring, each team member will be issued with a wristband and tag upon registration.

You will also be given premarked maps, control descriptions, course setter's notes and a small copy of the map to be used as a flight plan. We recommend that you arrive at or soon after 4PM to allow enough time for final preparations and route planning. Each team must mark their intended route on the flight plan and hand it in before starting.

There will be a novice briefing at 5:40PM

Map and Course Details

Mt Ainslie and Majura offer mostly open spaces and clear bush land. Lots of sticks around though... Map will be A3 size printed on Teslin at 1:15,000 scale.


  • There will be no water drops on the course.
  • It is not recommended to drink any water found on the course.
  • Please be self-sufficient in water at the Hash House.

Other Information

Please ensure you're carrying one head torch per person.
The event is catered for by ACTRA. Expect a basic snack to keep you going til you get home, not the usual gourmet spread.

Bring to the Event

  • completed indemnity form
  • map will be printed on Teslin waterproof paper with control descriptions on reverse side. Contact or map case optional.
  • Coloured pens, pencils, scissors, highlighter pen, board for map preparation
  • Full water containers --- say 2 litres per person. Please try to be self sufficient as there is no running water at the Hash House.
  • plate, bowl, cup, cutlery (so you have something to eat the hash house food with - we don't provide disposable items!)
  • a seat each to use at the Hash House

Carry on the Course

Mandatory Equipment

  • Whistle (per person)
  • Basic first aid kit (that includes 2 compression bandages and 1 wound dressing) (per team)

Other items we recommended that you carry

  • food for the event
  • water for 3 hours.
  • compass
  • watch
  • Mobile phone for emergencies.
  • Space blanket (per person)
  • Sunscreen, sun-hat and/or beanie.
  • raincoat, warm jacket

Mobile phone coverage

  • There is good mobile coverage across the course - please carry your phone for safety measures.
  • The HH number will be 0434 169022.


  • No pets; no alcohol; no firearms: no fires
  • No altimeters, pedometers or GPS-capable devices such as watches and smartphones.
  • Smartphones may be carried for emergency use only - they cannot be used for time-keeping or photography.

Summary of Event Rules and Scoring

  • The only navigational aids permitted are the maps we provide together with your compasses.
  • Teams consist of 2 to 5 competitors and must remain within earshot of each other at all times. All members must simultaneously get to within 5m of each control point.
  • All team members must punch their Navlight tags at each control to score points.
  • If a Navlight punch has failed, record the three letter code visible inside the end of the punch.
  • Competitors must not enter out-of-bounds areas; gates must be left as found; stock must not be disturbed.
  • The organisers may disqualify a team if it acts against these rules or against the spirit of the event.
  • A team can retire a member at the hash house. This will finish that team's event. A new team can form but it must start with zero score.
  • Late Penalty: 10 points per minute (or part) late. Disqualification if more than 30 minutes late.
  • If teams score equal points then the first team home will have a higher rank.
Full rules from ARA website.

Presentations of Awards and Post-event Food

  • Food and drinks will be available from 8:30PM. Bring your own eating utensils
  • Prizes will be awarded to the winners of each category, and certificates to the place getters of most categories. This is dependent on final numbers, and will be announced on the day. Presentations will take place around 30 minutes after the end of the event.


Claire Edwards
0434 169022
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