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ACT Champs 8/24hr - Black Range
From Saturday 20 April 2024
To Sunday 21 April 2024

The ACT Champs returns to a favourite area last used for the ACT Champs in 2012 and Australian Champs in 2017 with our star course setters Jean Douglass and Ron Simpson.

The area is mostly very open going with dry eucalypt forest cover. The elevation goes from 800m to 1,090m with gradual hills. The course area is almost scrub free except for some larger creeks and it is easily avoided. Most of the area is privately owned yet not farmed. There are some old gold diggings and firetrails cross the course. The landowners have been very generous in allowing this event.

More detail to come in March 2024.

champs 2012 start




Jean Douglass
 Coordinator  Jean Douglass
 Setters and Vetters  Ron Simpson + others
 Map Maker  Ron Simpson
 Control Collection  Needed
 General Help  Needed
 Catering  TBC