There will be buses from Canberra CBD (Jolimont Centre) connecting with flights at Canberra Airport, and also a direct bus from Sydney. A Melbourne bus is confirmed - see VRA website.

Interstate or overseas competitors should arrange flights to Canberra and either catch the event bus or hire a car (use the Carpool Finder to share spare seats).

The bus will be leaving Canberra at 5-6PM arriving by 9PM.

Book your seat now in the Transport department of the Online Shop.

Why you should catch the bus

Catching the bus is much safer than driving, especially for the return trip if you don't plan to sleep much/at all, and a good way to meet people or catch up with old friends.

Driving your car without sleeping for over 24 hours is equivalent to being well over the legal drinking limit in its impact on your reactions and vehicle control.

To encourage you to catch the bus, we will be providing a huge shelter marquee (24x12m), 20+ large tables, 150 chairs and lots of drinking water so you can travel light.

Any other suggestions to make the bus more attractive, or feedback on why you wouldn't catch the bus appreciated!

If you don't catch the bus, consider using the Carpool Finder facility to offer or seek seats to share costs, reduce impact of the event and demand for car parking spaces.