Event Sponsor - AY-UP lighting systems

AY UP banner
We are very pleased to announce a new sponsor of the event - AY-UP lighting systems. This company has been very popular in MTBing endurance events for some years, but recent product releases now make these an extremely good light for rogaining - just imagine the difference it might make to your night navigation to be able to see at least 50m at all times, with a self-contained headlamp that weighs less than 200 grams and runs most of the night on a single battery!

AY-UP will be giving us two V-Twin kits as lucky draw prizes, worth RRP $297 each. They are also offering all competitors a 5% discount of purchases. Just contact them with your team number and they will send you a personal discount code.

I used a headlamp kit at the Tasmanian rogaine champs last November with an intermediate beam light (I found this had enough spread at the edges to read the map without blinding myself) and a half-epic battery used mostly on "low" beam (which provides an unbelievable amount of light) and had 9 hours use from one battery before dawn arrived. There will be more darkness at this event, and it's always prudent to pack a spare battery.

With high capacity rechargeable batteries (240V and car adapters included), LED lights that practically never burn out, Australian made, no quibble support world-wide and lights that can be used for just about any outdoor activity or cycle commuting year-round, it's no wonder these lights are so popular and get rave reviews!