Spring into Action 6/12 hr

6 hour /
12 hour
11 am mass start

Course Description

The rogaine area is in the south-east ACT near Mt Clear and the Naas River, with additional private property to the south. Altitude varies from 1100-1400m. There are beautiful clear grassy valleys, open eucalypt forest and currently dried up boggy spots. We have set the course to avoid scrubby sections, helped by some handy fire trails. The course is suitable for rogainers of all abilities - easy closer to the HH - yet challenging navigation further out. The full moon will be beaming and spring will be in the air. Please wear leg covering, partly for scratchy bushes but mainly for snakes. Parking is very limited so PLEASE carpool. Parking will be restricted to the hard surface of the fire trail and you will need to carry your tent/gear a short way (10-50m).


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The people who brought this event about

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Monica Murfett
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