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2017 Night/Day/Cycle Rogaine

Night Foot 5 hour /
Day Foot 6 hour /
Day Bike 6 hour
6 - 12pm Saturday, 9:30am - 3:30pm Sunday

Course Description

The day/night/cycle heads into Penrose State Forest and surrounding private land holdings. There's lots of singletrack for the MTBers as well as some entertainment for the walkers. There is a mix of pine forest and native bush. Camping will be available on site.
Enter the night event and you can do the day event for half price!

Partner Finding Service

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Carpool Finding Service

Do you need a lift to the event? Have you got spare seats and would like to reduce your environmental impact, or just offer someone a lift? Then please make use of our carpool finder service for this event.To use this service, click here to register your details. Once you have organised your transport, please click here to remove your name from the list.

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Entry Info

The people who are bringing this event to you

If there are any 'needed' spots in this table, please consider contacting the coordinator to offer your help

Coordinator Setters/Vetters Admin General Help Catering Control Collection
Claire Edwards Steve Hanley
Andrew Rowe
Gail Sutton
Sat Brad Vallette
Keira Doherty
Tom Banks
Lisa Cutfield (first aid)
Sun Glenn Bridgart (first aid)
Hartley Life Care NEEDED
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