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2017 8/24hr rogaine (ACT champs)

8 hour /
24 hour
12 pm Saturday - 8 pm Sat or 12 pm Sunday

Course Description

The course is in the Murramarang National Park north of Batemans Bay on the South Coast. The terrain is best described as variable. Nearly all bush, some of it is very nice and open and other parts scrubby and viney. The setters have done their best to avoid the scrub. There are lots of old tracks on spurs. The Ranger has given us tips about great places to put controls on the beaches and we have found some spots with fantastic views. The altitude goes from sea level to approximately 300m in elevation. The map is 1:25,000 in scale and is printed on waterproof teslin (no need to cover).
Free camping on Friday and Saturday nights at the HH although it is not near the beach.
We are running a subsidised bus (cheaper than the petrol cost) to get you to and from the Champs. See the entry page for details.

Partner Finding Service

If you'd like to do this event, but can't convince anyone to go with you, then click here to register your details below. Once you have found a partner, please click here to remove your name from the list.

The following people are seeking a partner, or a team to join up with for this event. Contact them by email or by phone. (Competitiveness is on a range 1-10, where 10='would like to win category' and 1='happy to come last')

  • Charles Keir, 34, Male, competitiveness is 7/10. ph: 0447339113 email - "My 2nd event, keen on either 8 or 24. Capable nav skills, mid range fitness."

Carpool Finding Service

Do you need a lift to the event? Have you got spare seats and would like to reduce your environmental impact, or just offer someone a lift? Then please make use of our carpool finder service for this event.To use this service, click here to register your details. Once you have organised your transport, please click here to remove your name from the list.

Nobody has registered yet.

Entry Info

The people who are bringing this event to you

If there are any 'needed' spots in this table, please consider contacting the coordinator to offer your help

Coordinator Setters/Vetters Admin General Help Catering Control Collection
Dane Roberts Dane Roberts
Jonathan Miller
Graham Atkins
Tom Brazier
Keith Conley
Dane Roberts
Glenn Bridgart
Kath Bell
Jonathan Miller (first aid) Hartley Lifecare NEEDED
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