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Note: ACTRA no longer produces regular paper newsletters. These have been replaced by email bulletins.

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the PDF files.

Download this file (ACTRA audited accounts 2015.pdf)2015 Audited accounts[ ]276 Kb
Download this file (ACTRA Constitution 2016.doc)ACTRA Constitution[As at 20 March 2016]43 Kb
Download this file (ACTRA INDEMNITY AND RELEASE standard.pdf)Indemnity Form 2017[Indemnity Form to use at events 2017 version]295 Kb
Download this file (ACTRA Map proof checklist.docx)Map proofing checklist[Checklist to take to the printers to ensure the maps have all the correct elements.]29 Kb
Download this file (ACTRAstrategic&OperationalPlan2015-18UPdate.docx)ACTRA Strategic and Operation Plan 2015-18[Planning document for the ACT Rogaining Association. Updated August 2016.]523 Kb
Download this file (AgendaAGM2017.docx)2017 AGM Agenda[Agenda for the Annual General Meeting on 5 March 2017 at the end of the Paddy Pallin 6 hr rogaine]74 Kb
Download this file (Final Instructions.pdf)Ridgy Didge Final Instructions[ ]805 Kb
Download this file (Glenn-Bridgart.pdf)Life membership Bridgart[Nomination for life membership of ACTRA for Glenn Bridgart]4669 Kb
Download this file (Hanging controls checklist.docx)Hanging controls check list[All the things you need out there on your fun day out. Thanks for volunteering.]18 Kb
Download this file (How to hang and take down controls.doc)How to hang and take down controls.doc[How to hang and take down control flags]11104 Kb
Download this file (Indemnity.pdf)Old Indemnity Form[The old Generic indemnity form - use new one]24 Kb
Download this file (Minutes_AGM15.doc)2015 AGM minutes[As agreed by members 20 March 2016]31 Kb
Download this file (Minutes_AGM16.doc)2016 AGM minutes[ Approved with no change at the 2017 AGM.]34 Kb
Download this file (Minutes_AGM17.doc)2017 AGM Minutes - draft[Minutes from the 2017 AGM held on 5 March 2017. To be approved at the 2018 AGM.]33 Kb
Download this file (President’s AGM report for 2015.docx)2016 AGM Presidents report for 2015[ ]152 Kb
Download this file (President’s AGM report for 2016.docx)2017 AGM Presidents report for 2016[Report from President about ACTRA.]161 Kb
Download this file (rog accounts.pdf)rog accounts.pdf[2016 Audited accounts ]1068 Kb
Download this file (Setting & Vetting.pdf)WARA Setting and Vetting a rogaine (note 1.1 MB)[Western Australian Rogaining Association's manual on how to set and vet a rogaine. Some things are not applicable to ACTRA but a handy document for setters.]1068 Kb
Download this file (Snake_bite_treatment.pdf)Snake bite treatment[Instructions for what to do in the event of a snake bite - please read.]128 Kb
Download this file (Timetable.doc)Navigation Workshop timetable 2015[ ]27 Kb
Download this file (workshop course handout15.doc)Navigation Workshop Course Notes 2015[Notes to accompany the navigation workshop on 20-21 June 2015. Participants please read.]711 Kb
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