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Helpers are always wanted for events.
Tasks are setting and vetting courses, catering, transporting gear to an event, running the pre-event administration, working bees on some of the associations gear, control collecting etc.

If you can help, even in a small way, please contact
Julie Quinn,   E-mail president   phone (02) 6251 1163 (h) 0421 021693 (m)

Events for 2017

Event Details Coordinator Course Setters
and Vetters
Catering Admin General
2017 O Week and Twilight rogaines
Friday 17 February 2:30-4:30PM and 6:30-9:30PM - 2 hour /3 hour;
Friday 17 February 2:30-4:30PM and 6:30-9:30PM
Lee Rice Brad Vallette
Tom Brazier
Owen Cameron
2017 ACT Paddy Pallin 6 hour
5 March 2017 - 6 hour;
5 March
Owen Cameron, Claire Edwards Thomas Banks
Keira Doherty

Glenn Bridgart
Jean Douglass
Hartley Claire Edwards
Owen Cameron
Jonathan D
David Longo
Keira Doherty
Thomas Banks
Lisa Cutfield
David Clark
Michael Reed
Australian Rogaining Championships
6-7 May 2017 - 24 hour;
12pm Saturday - 12pm Sunday
Jeannie Douglass Ron Simpson
Jeannie Douglass
David Singleton
Andrew Rowe
Hartley Life Care Ron Simpson
Keith Conley
Colin Mock
Tom Banks
Keira Doherty
Doug Collier
Cec and Dave Sutton
Lorraine Tomlins
2017 Navigation and Rogaining Skills Workshop
24 June 2017 - 3 hour;
8:30 am Saturday - 4:30 pm Sunday
Julie Quinn Many coaches Self-catering
Afternoon teas provided by ACTRA
Julie Quinn Coaches
2017 Winter 4 hour
2 July 2017 - 4 hour;
Susie Sprague
Jean Douglass
Susie Sprague
Martin Dent
Graham Atkins
Hartley Lifecare Susie Sprague
Jean Douglass
Ron Simpson
Graham Atkins
Martin Dent
Kathy Saw
Emily Stewart Reed (first aid)
Pat Miethke
Mary Adams
Heather McLeod
Pat Miethke
2017 ANU & Night rogaines
28 + 29 July 2017 - Friday 3 hour /Saturday 3 hour;
Friday 28 July 6-9PM (ANU IB only) and Saturday 29 July 6-9PM (everyone)
Lee Rice Brad Vallette
Tom Brazier
Hartley Lifecare Steve Hanley NEEDED NEEDED
2017 Metrogaine
13 August 2017 - 6 hour
Stephen Goggs Stephen Goggs
Gail Sutton
NEEDED NEEDED Paul Cuthbert (first aid) NEEDED
2017 Night/Day/Cycle Rogaine
2-3 September 2017 - 6
Claire Edwards
Gail Sutton
Steve Hanley NEEDED NEEDED Lisa Cutfield (first aid) NEEDED
2017 8/24hr rogaine (ACT champs)
4-5 November 2017 - 8 hour /24 hour
Dane Roberts Dane Roberts
David Barlow
Carey Barlow
NEEDED NEEDED Jonathan Miller (first aid) NEEDED

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