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Vale Ian Booth - a thank you from Anna Print E-mail


Ian BoothJulia and I have been deeply touched by the beautiful messages we have received; by the flowers which have brought colour and beauty into our cold, sad home; and by the numbers of rogainers who were able to attend Ian's picnic at the Botanic Gardens. Ian became an enthusiastic bushwalker many, many years ago. When he was introduced to rogaining he had found a sport which he loved. His love of the bush, his optimism, cheerfulness, and endurance made him a delightful rogaining partner. He was looking forward to the ACT Rogaine Championship and another opportunity for mental and physical challenges, fun, and adventure.
He was always happy to help by organising events, course setting, and controlling. On any trip through the bush Ian would be looking out for suitable rogaining country. Julia and I thank you all so much for your friendship and support and wish you all the very best.  Anna and Julia Booth.  


VALE:   IAN BOOTH  1947 - 2011

Tragically Ian died suddenly on Tuesday morning while out running with Anna and Phil Creaser on one of his favourite tracks on Mt Ainslie.  An ambulance came but the team was unable to help.  Ian was just 63.With his death ACT rogainers and orienteers have lost one of their most enthusiastic and hard working friends.As a competitor Ian was keen, a fast runner and often impetuous – the first control in an orienteering race was often his undoing! 

Very early in his orienteering and rogaining life Ian, with Anna, got heavily involved in helping run the two sports in Canberra.  Ian served on the ACTRA committee for many years, always turning up to committee meetings with a bottle of wine and enthusiastically debating issues and providing innovative solutions.  Most recently he has been spearheading our efforts to catalogue rogaining sites and locate good sites for future events. 

Ian, together with Anna, was one of our mainstay competitors and organisers of rogaines turning up to almost all events with his fabled smile, laugh and good cheer.  He would always volunteer in some capacity around the events.

Ian was enthusiastic about everything he got involved in and he had a wide range of interests.  He was a forward thinker – helping establish one of Australia’s first companies to deal with carbon credits was a typical example.  He took a keen interest in politics and human rights issues and could craft a well written and punchy letter to the Canberra Times when he felt he could contribute to a debate. 

Ian’s working life spanned many activities and agencies including Foreign Affairs (the source of many lifelong friendships), Parliamentary departments, the South Pacific Fisheries Forum as a legal advisor, Australia’s Overseas Aid Agency, National Farmers Federation and the Australian Chamber of Manufactures where he played a key role in negotiating the framework for the GST.

Amongst Ian’s proudest feats were expeditions to Chile and the Himalayas.  The first, with his daughter Julia, was an epic with significant trekking under heavy loads and stormy sea crossings.  In the Himalayas with his good friend Brian Jones he was able to rendezvous at a significant altitude with fellow Bushie Zac Zaharias who was leading an attempt on Everest.

Wayne Gregson remembers Ian’s uncanny ability to find controls in the middle of the night and also his cheerful ability to push on when he was losing interest in the cold and/or rain), and spent many happy hours power walking on Black Mtn and other Canberra bush areas.

Like so many others we have lost a true and great friend.  But Anna and Julia and Ian’s parents have lost so much more and our hearts go out to them.

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